Doyle’s Top Ten Words of Wisdom For Dealing With Cordelia (or Women in general)
by Celeste

10. "Never say "Marry Me," jokingly to a girlfriend. Things tend ta go downhill from there...

 9."When you're in an argument, don't ask Angel ta get involved cause one bat o' the ole eyelashes an' he's putty on the floor and more ammo against ya."

8. "When she cooks ya somethin', smile an' take it like a man. Don' wrinkle yer nose or ask her what it is or if it's supposedta smell like the way it does. Just eat it."

7. "Chocolates no longer constitute as an acceptable valentine's present. Heh. Who knew?" *sigh*

6. "Always look her in the eye. Never let 'er see your fear. If ya do, then she'll know tha she's won. Once she KNOWS, there's no saving ya. "

5. "When in an argument over a past "indiscretion" (ie your ex) NEVER, EVER retaliate with a "yeah, well look who YOU dated before!" It don't matter if she said it first or not. It's best ta leave tha' one uncovered."

4. "Don' pass out when she asks your opinion on good names for kids."

3. "Bite yer tongue an' always, ALWAYS think about wha' you're gonna say before ya say it, an ask yerself if it's really worth sleepin' on the couch for or not."

2. "Now, there're exactly 4 phrases that'll get ya outta trouble. They are: "I don' know..." , "You were right,", "I'm sorry" an',  "I love you." (Watch where ya insert tha last one, if ya don't time it right it'll completely blow your cover...)"

1. (Missing.  Sorry.  Torra)