Top Ten Signs You Want To Kill Wesley
by Celeste

10. You cheered vehemently for Faith to “Finish him!” during their torture session.

9. You go back to season 2 of Buffy and take notes on how Angel and Spike used to kill people in the good old days.

8. Vision’s of Wes’ head exploding calms your nerves whenever they’re frayed.

7. In episodes with abnormal amounts of Wesley scenes you jump up and down on the couch and frantically yell, “Die, bastard die!”

6. Wesley getting done in by a particularly nasty tempered Brachen demon is in your top ten fantasy list, right before “Back rub from Angel and Spike” and after “Doyle and mistletoe”.

5. You attempt to look up the number for the Order of Taraka in the yellow pages, ready to give them a target and a price.

4. You have your Telletubbies ready to torture.

3. You hate him more than you hate Riley.

2. You protest that human/monkey hybrids are NOT a good idea and this one should be put DOWN.

1. In your prayers, you promise you can learn to like Riley as long as Wesley GOES. (Having just one is better than both right?)