Top Ten People on Angel’s “To Kill” list.
By Celeste

10. Whoever thought it was funny to prank call Buffy and tell him he lost his soul again.

9. N’Sync and all their worshipers. They are the epitome of evil. (This is subject to change if 98 Degrees comes out with another single like “Una Noche”)

8. Joss Whedon for the dumbest Season 5 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Angel’s ever seen.

7. The people that sell un-ground coffee beans.

6. Riley. (Yes, he’s an even bigger threat than N’Sync…)

5. The inventor of pastels.

4. Wesley. (You DO NOT touch a man’s coat like that.)

3. The guy that told him that cell phone’s were easy to use.

2. The creator of “Charmed”.

1. Jessica Alba.