Doyle’s Top Ten Most Inappropriate Times to Laugh
(from experience)
By Celeste


*Doyle crosses his arms and glares at 'leste*
Doyle: "I don' understand why ya hafta do this..."
'leste: *Shrugs*" I'm bored. Feel free to add any comments as I go."
*bendsover keyboard and begins to type*

10. When someone in his AA group stood up and said, "Hi, my name is Bill, and
I'm an alcoholic."
Doyle: "Lemme tell ya... Big DUH on tha' one. I couldn't help meself!"

9. When Wesley said he had a hot date.
Doyle: *Scoffs* C'mon! Even ANGEL was laughin' at that one. Made a joke too."
*leans back and thinks* "Yah... he said, if Wesley has a hot date it either
has to be an Inferno demon or a middle aged fat woman with a fever. Okay,
ranted, it wasn't THAT funny, but this is ANGEL we're talkin' about."

8.In the middle of a vision.
Doyle: "Well, it WAS painful, cause, ya know. Vision and all. But wasn't damn
near as painful as it was funny. Wesley was in a chicken suit beggin' for some
girl (Torra was 'er name maybe?) to stop wid' some Tellitubbie Torture
Technique or somethin'... can't remember."

7. When the blind girl felt Wes' face and asked if Angel Investigations had a
Doyle: "No...tha' wasn't the best part. The best part was when 'Delia walked
by and said "yes"...then ANGEL walked by right be'ind 'er and said, "don't
feed him. He gets worked up." *Bursts out laughing again.*

6. When he walked into a room where Angel was brooding, stood there for five
minutes, and burst out laughing.
Doyle: *makes motions with his arms* "He was just SITTIN' there! Like a
corpse. Well. yah. But... man... it was great. He didn't even twitch. *calms
down when no one else laughs* But I guess ya had ta be there."

5.When Cordy asked Wes' mom how her liposuction went and Wesley replied,"it
went quite well. Mother can get on and off the couch much easier now."
Doyle: "Well, ya had to SEE a picture o' that woman. Big as a house. Why
ANYONE'd have trouble gettin' off tha couch in the first place is a mystery. I
thought it was funny. *shrug* I dinnae think it'd make the fella cry."

4. The look on Gunn's face when we were all trapped in that shed and Wesley
asked him if he had a fag.
Doyle: "Okay, I KNOW the man only asked for a cigarette, an' tha's what they
call em... and I KNOW we needed it ta light that firework ta bust a hole
through the door... and I KNOW it WAS inappropriate to laugh then but I
couldn't help thinkin' that's the only pickup line that'd probably work for

3. When Angel got jumped in an alley and accidentally killed Riley.
Doyle: " WAS funny if ya think about the irony. And Riley DID jump
'im first. Think the boy snapped after' bein' called "Cap'n Cardboard a couple
too many times. Went after Angel' and Angel kinda grabbed him by the head
*mimicks movement* an' snapped his neck. I thought it was hilarious."

2. When Cordelia hypothetically asked if having Sex with Kate would make Angel
loose his soul.
Doyle: *indignant* "C'mon people! THINK! Ya really believe that'd give
ANYONE a happy? I HADTA laugh!"

1. When Angel got a "Thank You" card in the mail from Spike the day of Riley's
funeral that read, "Guess you aren't THAT poofy after all. Thanks pop".
Doyle: "Is there NO ONE that didn't want Riley dead, or am I the only one
noticin' tha?"