Top Ten Reasons Buffy Still Has Viewers
By Celeste

10. It STILL isn’t as bad as ABC.

9. Guys like the porn-esque love scenes between Buffy and Riley.

8. They want to see if it’s possible to spot a black/Asian/any other ethnicity besides Caucasian that doesn’t get killed off. (ie. Kendra, Forrest, BOTH of Spike’s slayers…)

7. People watch it as a contest. Whoever can watch and stays awake the longest wins.

6. To prove that there ARE characters out there as stupid as Wesley.

5. To patiently await Riley’s death/departure/gruesome mutilation.

4. The possibility that Spike will get the chip out of his head and eat everyone.

3. It’s not as bad as Post-Doyle Season 2 Angel.

2. They don’t have Wesley.

1. Spike. (The SINGLE saving grace is the sexy guy in the leather. Yeah.)