Top Ten Rejected Episodes of Angel
by Celeste
written durring season 2

10. Title: "Angel Looses His Soul"
Synopsis: Angel looses his soul. Wackiness ensues. (*yawn*)

9. Title: "Wesley Saves The Day"
Synopsis: When Cordelia finds herself in a dire predicament (Earl Grey VS English Breakfast) Wesley finally finds something he can be of USE for.

8. Title: "Men In Pink"
Synopsis: After Wesley has already tried to be Doyle by taking his place and Angel by taking his place he's faced with an identity crisis. With much deep thought he feels to find himself he must also attempt to take Cordelia's place. After trussing her up and tossing her in a closet he dons pumps, a skirt, and a blouse in hopes of discovering who he is. (This Episode is rated NC-17 for graphic Wesley air time)

7. Title: "Torrid Office Romance"
Synopsis: Lilah and Lindsey finally get over the love/hate sexual tension thing and rip at it like rabid weasels.

6. Title: "Shanshu Revisited"
Synopsis: Wesley finds that he AGAIN made a minor mistake in translating the scrolls of whatchamacallit (Aibirjan?) when flipping through a book of ancient languages. It seems Shanshu either means "Will kill annoying sidekick" or, "has yet to be determined".

5. Title: (Buffy and Angel 2 hour event) Buffy: "Idiot for blood" Angel: "Dru"
Synopsis: Starting with Buffy, Spike launches into a boring tirade taking about the past though the years are grossly miscalculated. He talks the entire time about his, Darla's, Angel’s and Dru's misadventures until Buffy gets bored and they both go off to kill something that reminds them of Riley. Continued in Angel, It's Angel's turn to go on the long, boring tirade about the past though the facts are grossly misinterpreted and talks for three hours.

4.  Title: “Dru”
Synopsis: (Continuing from Buffy) Angel goes on to explain his connection with Drusilla and then goes on a 30-40 minute guilt trip until Darla barges in and they fight, but Angel suddenly becomes evil in the middle of it.
(Historian's note: The main gist of this episode was reinstated in the Buffy/Angel 2 hour event "Fool For Love" and "Darla" with the same boring dialogue. The saving grace was a magnificent performance by James Marsters in which the writers hoped no one would notice how empty most of the present day storyline was.)

3. Title: Goodbye Wes!
Synopsis: Cordelia receives a vision stating with absolute certainty that Wesley will die. She accidentally forgets to warn either Angel or Wes. (Note: This episode was rejected once Joss procured another lb. of crack from Alexis... DAMN!)

2. Title: "Self Destruct"
Synopsis: Cordelia attempts to save Gunn from suicide. (Historian's note: The writers deemed this episode too emotionally packed and lacking action so they rewrote it to include a 7-foot morphing demon so they could have some cool fight scenes instead of all the possible emotional stuff. Yeah violence!) *rolls eyes*

2. Title: “Un-becoming”
Synopsis: Angel becomes human. Wackiness ensues. *Yawn*

1.  Title: “Un-becoming II”
Synopsis: Angel has to send Wesley to hell. (See note in no.4)