Top Ten Signs That It's Gunna Be A Great New Year --
The Morning After
By Torra


10) SOMEONE remembers that they need a designated driver.

9) They find that the lamp witch the shade is from (somehow) managed to stay in one piece though the night.

8) Wesley gets arrested for disturbing the peace (he kept signing Auld Lang Syne in various dead languages at the top of his lungs)

7) Angel wakes up wearing Kate's bra.

6) They can actually *remember* the night before.

5) Even the visions came in holiday colors of Red 'n Green

4) Amazingly, they still have at least one keg of Guinness left over for the Post Party Hangover Drink It Away Cure.

3) Angel and Doyle made $200 in arm wrestling.

2) Sometime during the night, someone tied the Mistletoe over Cordy's desk.

1) Cordelia wakes up in Doyle's arms and is to hangover to move away or make a sarcastic remark!