Top Ten Results of Doyle's Career Aptitude Test
by Celeste

10. Wine taster.
Doyle: "Uh ya think Guinness counts as wine then?"

9. Pin cushion.
Doyle: "Haha. Very funny. How bout I 'pin cushion' YOU right now?"

8. 'Rogue Demon Hunter' HUNTER.
Doyle: *hefts his gun* All right, let's get to work then. Heeeeeere Wesley Wesley Wesley..."

7. Strip club buffet critic.
Doyle: *grabs an application* "They actually HAVE careers like this?! I'm in!"

6. St. Patrick's day icon.
Doyle: "Again wi' the jokes. Yah, what about Angel? He's from Ireland too. It's cause 'm short idn't   it? *hiccup* Or is it cause o' the drinkin' do ya think?" *hiccup*

5. Kissing booth entrepreneur.
Doyle: *holds up the gigantic *Kiss Me I'm Irish pin* "Yeah, like THIS whole thing hasn't been over played..." *sighs, shrugs, then pins it on and proceeds to waggle his eyebrows charmingly at every girl that passes and makes  a fortune*

4. British Pansy Ass De Pansy-er.
Doyle: *hits Wesley with the whip* C'mon...drink that beer like a man. Do you wan' any DAMN TEA?"
Wesley: *cowering and sipping alcohol like he's gonna be sick* "Um... no...god no... no tea...please, just stop..."
Doyle: "Keep drinkin! Next we'll work on clothes..." *leans back and downs an entire glass of whiskey in one gulp*)

3.Bonafide hero (with a license and everything...)
Doyle: "And our rats are ALWAYS low!" *grins*

2. Freddie Prize Jr. stand in.
Doyle: *innocent* They ah...musta run outta ink. Tha's why they wrote this one in... in the marker."
Cordy: "Must be."

1. Tahiti tour guide.
Doyle: "Yeah... I should be. I've been 'ere long enough!"