Top Ten Things Doyle Does To Avoid Boredom
by Celeste

10. Plays a drinking game that goes like this...

Take a sip every time:
Wesley gets smacked/insulted
Angel scowls
Angel doesn't show any facial expressions whatsoever
Kate's a bitch

Take a gulp every time:
The team you bet on loses miserably
The office explodes
Dennis makes Wesley scream like a little girl
Kate's a super bitch

Drink the whole glass every time:
The bookies call to collect
Angel sings
Wesley passes out
Kate surpasses Buffy in bitchyness

Drink the whole bottle every time:
Wesley gets killed
Angel cries
Cordy is sweet
Kate goes Janet Reno on everyone's ass

9. Plays catch with Dennis in front of the neighborhood kids but promptly stops when they get their parents. (The looks on their faces are priceless)

8. Does his Angel imitation. (To see how long he can do something without moving the muscles in his face. Cordy and he usually play together and she usually breaks out laughing first when Angel comes in and asks them what they're doing.)

7. Dunks all of Wesley's expensive English tea bags in water and has a pitching contest with Angel to see who can get theirs to stick on the building across the street.

6. Goes to the order booth at Sonic and order's 50 burgers, 60 orders of fries, 40 shakes and 10 flurries. Then he drives off and lets the next scmuck order. (Wait... was this on the immature list too? *shrug*)

5. Calls 911 from the payphone across the street and yells "MONSTER!" in it before promptly hanging up. (Kate usually shows up in ten minutes or less. It's great.)

4. Calls Buffy's house and yells, "Riley is a LOOSER" into the phone before hanging up. THEN, he lets Angel pick up the phone when she *69's him. (ANGEL! You got some 'explainin' to do! *EG*)

3. He and Cordy give Wes a manicure and a pedicure in baby pink while he's asleep in the office. (That is SO his color. That or dark purple...)

2. Works on his TV series pitch about a vampire with a soul. (Some crack head named Joss is actually INTERESTED in it!!!)

and the No. 1 thing Doyle does to keep from getting bored is...

1. FAKES his death and lays low for a couple of seasons so the bookies leave him alone. (*VVVVVVEG*)