The Reasoning behind "Put Your Lights On"

"I feel that, in order to understand why I think this is a Doyle song, you have to know my reasoning. The reason it reminds me of him is because it seems like what he might have been thinking when he realized that he was going to take Angel's place as the one to give his life to save the others. It speaks of one longing for a light (perhaps to light his way home?) and being torn between the right thing to do (Symbolized by the Angel) and the wrong thing to do (Symbolized by the Monster). And the last few lines... 'You shine like stars and fade away' made me see Doyle's death (with the bright light shining around him and then fading away) in my mind's eye.

My interpretation might be dead wrong (no pun intended) but that's just what the song spoke to me."


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