Snow Days
by Torra

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Author's Notes: This is just a realy short piece of fluff I wrote durring our first snow fall of the season. Enjoy. ;-)

"OH! I'll get you for that, Little Man!" Cordelia shouted, shaking snow from her hair.

"Oh yah? Let's see'ya try it, Princess!" Doyle stuck out his tongue and immediately got a face full of snowball, "'AY! No fair! I had me eyes closed!"

"All's fair in love and snowball fights, Doyle!" Cordelia laughed, gathering her next missile in her hands.

"So ye'll finally admit this is true luv' between us, Lass?" Doyle teased, ducking the flying snow from his friend.

"Yah right, you're dead meet, Guy!"

Never one to let a challenge go by, Doyle stuck out his tongue again, this time making a mad leap behind Angel before Cordelia could finish aiming.

"What?" Angel, confused at suddenly finding an Irish Half-Demon in front of him, spun around to see what was going on--

--And got the snowball meant for Doyle right in the Fangs.

"CORDELIA…"Angel sighed, brushing snow off his face.

Cordy paused, looking sheepish for a moment, "Uh…wrong guy in Leather?"


"AHHH!" Cordelia focused her attention back on Doyle, who had just scored a perfect shot on her. Before she could retaliate, Angel moved out of the line of fire.

"Hay, Man! The Cover isn't supposed to run away!" Doyle protested, ducking and running from Cordelia's furious snowball lobby. As Cordelia and Doyle began once again to pelt each other with compacted snow, Angel shook his head.

'Love works in mysterious ways.' He mused silently. 'They seem almost childlike a times…"


Angel was shaken from his current thoughts only to find his friends had covered him from head to toe in white power.

"Brooding isn't permitted on snow days, Angel." Cordelia explained haughtily.

"Yah…ya had ta be punished, my man." Doyle grinned.

'I like children,' he reminded himself, 'They make GREAT snacks.' The other two only had a brief moment to realize their friend had changed into his 'Vamp Face' before they too were ducking return snowball fire.

No one got any work done that morning.

Thank God For Snow Days.


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