Title: Life's A Drag
Author: Torra (torra_k@yahoo.com)
Summary: Angel goes Undercover
Rating: G

 Doyle smirked, "I can't believe ya talked 'im inta this."

 Cordelia rolled her eyes, "Really Doyle, a case is a case.  And we're even gett'n paid for this one!"

 "Yah, but I mean...Angel...at a night club...in drag?"

 Cordelia just shrugged and started buffing her nails again, "Not that hard to believe.  I mean, the man *does* have the body of a Greek God...even if he does have the hair of a Backstreet Boy.  But no one said he was perfect.  Just perfect for *this* job."

 Doyle's smirk became even bigger, but before he could get another word out, Angel emerged from his bedroom.

 "Cordelia, while I admire your tenacity for digging up cases, this *isn't* exactly what I thought you men when you said I needed to 'get out more.'"

 Doyle and Cordelia both sized their boss up, and Doyle finally gave into the fit of giggles he'd been fighting all night.  Angel stood there straight at tall, his hair slicked back with moose, and the slinky red dress flowing over his curves.

 "Uh, Angel-man, I think you forgot a few things..." Doyle managed between giggles.

 Angel glared, "I'm not going to wear the bra."

 Doyle started laughing again, "Actually, I meant...yer legs, man."

 Angel looked down at his legs, which were squeezed into the largest pair of red heals Cordelia could find second hand, and frowned, confused.  "What's wrong with my legs?"

 Cordelia rolled her eyes again, "You forgot to save them, Angel."

 "SHAVE them!?"  Angel's voice hit a high note that sounded painful to Doyle's' ears.  He shook his head, "No way, I am NOT going to shave my legs."

 "Aww, come on, Man," Doyle grinned, "It's for the case!"

 Angel turned on his friend, using a glair he had been perfecting for more then two centuries.  Tonight, however, it only made Doyle laugh harder.

 Cordelia shook her head, "Donít worry, Angel, I already thought of that." She dug into one of her many shopping bags beside the couch and tossed Angel an obnoxiously colored pink bottle.

 Angel read the label and frowned, "What's...Nair?"

 Doyle just laughed.

 "Okay, now for the hair." Cordelia started up again. "I found a wig that should work...have you ever been a Blond?"

 On a normal day, Doyle would not have believed Angel's eyes could grow that large.  But then again, this was far from a normal day.

 Finally Angel shook his head.  "Fine.  I'll wear the damned wig."

 Cordelia smiled, "I knew you would." She drew the fake hair out of yet another bag and started towards Angel, talking over her shoulder. "Now, while I'm in the bathroom fixing Angel's hair, you can get into your own dress, Doyle."

 Doyle's laugher fell silent.  "....ME?!"

 Angel grinned evilly, "Sure, Doyle.  You didnít think I'd be going into this case without backup, did ya?"


 Cordelia left the room, "Oh stop being such a baby, Doyle, and get into that dress."

 Doyle shook his head, "Oh man, I'm never gunna live this down."

 Angel just gave him one last evil grin, and followed Cordelia into the back room.  As they left, Doyle could hear Angel asking,
"Cordelia?  Does this dress make my butt look fat?"

 Doyle shook his head.  Oh well, at least if he's going down, he'll be taking Angel with him.  Doyle had an evil grin of his own as he walked over to the shopping bags and pulled out a small yellow and blue package.  "Oh well, at least this night wont be a total loss."  Smirking, Doyle walked into the next room, unwrapping the disposable camera.  "Oh Angel!" he sing-songed, "Say CHEESE!"