Title: BodySwitch
Author: Torra (torra_k@yahoo.com)
Summary: Doyle gets to come back, but in who's body?
Rating: PG

 "We tire of your constant demands, Former Mortal.  The Powers have decided to grant you a hearing, if only to quiet you once and for all."

 "Well, can't say 'm sorry, so what's next fer me, then?"

 The male orical raised and eyebrow, "If you agree to this hearing, then you must abide by the ruling of The Powers.  There will be no more chances, no more complaints, and no more questions.  What the Powers rule is ultimate.  Do you except these turms?"

 "Will ah get a chance ta go back ta me old life?" Doyle asked.

 "It is a posibilty, though a meager one." The female orical alowed.

 "Then Damn right, I agree!"

 The male scowled at the language, but nodded, "So be it.  Let the Powers decide."

 Both oricals, standing side by side, tilted their heads, as if listing to some scilent voice in the air.  Fianly they both nodded, "So be it." They courised.

 "The Powers have desicded.  Prepair to face your future." The male orderd, his voice eccoing though the marble room.

 "Wha?  Just like thoa?  But..." Doyle stammered, shocked.

 "SCILENCE!" The female shouted, her voice ringing with far more power then normal.  "The Powers have made their ruling, Mortal One, and you agreed to bide by it, so face your destiney now."

 After an eternal pause of scilence, them Male nodded, "You will be returned to the Human realm.  Sence your body was destroyed, you shall take residance inside that of another."

 Before Doyle could say thank you, the female picked up, "This one whom's body you shall reside in has much to atone for.  As you shall live in his body, then so too must you now atone for its crimes."

 Doyle pused before tilting his head to the side, "Ya mean, now tha' 'm done with me own faults, I gotta pay for someone elses?"

 The Oricals nodded.

 Doyle sighed, "Great.  Fine, well then...let's get on with it, then.  He can't be that bad, 'n annah'thin' is better 'n hang'n 'round here with you lot."

 The male scowled at Doyle again, as was his usual expretion when dealing with Doyle, before waving a hand in the air.  "So Be It Done!" they both sang.


 Doyle blinked sevral times, trying to recall what he what he was doing lying down on the floor.  Slowly he rememberd.  The Oricals.  The Powers.  The Deal.  The Body.

 Sitting up, he waited for the dizzyness to pass before he took in the sroundings of the room he was in.  It was dark, the old brick walls fading into the shadows, and the concreet floor was cold and hard under his feet.  As for himself, he was in dark slacks, and a dark red silk shirt.  From the way it draped, he guessed his new body to be much taller then his previous one, and whoever he was now, it seemd he had more money for cloathing too.

 The Oricals.  The tiral.  The pact.
 Doyle started to relax; he was back on earth, in another man's body.  As he relaxed, he stood up to take a better look around, but then memoires beguan to seep into his mind.

 ~Life.  Old.  Drunk.  Anger.  Family.  Wemen.  Darkness.  Death.  Light.  Revenge.~

 Doyle tried to close his eyes on the images as they flashed across his brain, but to no avail.

 ~Fighting.  Drinking.  Running.  Playing.  Plotting.  Killing.  Laughing.~

 Doyle fell to his knees, his hands clutching his head in pain, much like the pain of his old visions.  But then the images chacnged.  The feelings he rememberd changed.  The world seemd to change.
 ~Fear.  Anger.  Betrail.  Hatrid.  Guilt.~

 Doyle couldn’t run from the memoires anymore.  Exausted, he fell the rest of the way to the ground and finaly let the last of memoires cross his soul.

 ~Strength.  Humor.  Curage.  Lust.  Love.~

 Above it all, he finaly felt love.

 Shaking his head, and trying to catch his breath once more, Doyle stood and looked around the room his body now rememberd.  Though he was still shaken and confused, he couldn’t help but smile.  Angel's voice rang out clearly from his throat, "Welcome Home, Doyle."

Not Ending, But A Beginning