Title: Always My Princess 1&2
Author: Torra (torra_k@yahoo.com)
Summary: Coda to Angel Season 2 Finally
Rating: G

Always My Princess: Part 1

[takes place durring Through The Looking Glass]

 "I'm nobody's princess."
 The words echo though the empty fields, and stab though my heart.  I have been sitting beside the viewing pool in the Field of Heroes for I donít know how long, watching my friends.  They've survived so much since I left.  And I miss them so much.  But never as much as I do right now.
 She's falling in love, and it's not with me.
 Oh sure, I knew she could never love me.  I guess.  I'm just some icky half demon who can't even dress himself.  But oh gods, how I loved her!  Just the sight of her made my whole body fill with light.  When I was around her, I felt whole.  Complete.  Happy.
 But not now.  And never again.
 "I'm nobody's princess."
 Doyle looked down into the pool and softly cried to himself.  "You were always my princess.  Always."

Always My Princess: Part 2

[takes place after There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb]

 Cordelia sighed happily as she slid between the cool sheets of her bed.  Ever since she had been pulled into the Host's dimension, she had dreamt longingly of being back in her own world, in her own home, and in her own bed.
 So much had happened since she had left LA that day.  She had become a slave, become a princess, fallen in love, killed a priest, and found out Buffy was dead.  In only a few days, her life had changed drastically.
 Well, parts of it had.  For a while at least.  Now that she was home, she would never again be a slave (yay me!), but then again, she would never again be a Princess, either.  Never again would she see Gru, and never again would she help bring peace and freedom to an entire world.
 All in all, it had actually been a nice trip.
 Well, except for that whole slave thing.
 And the hot pokers...
 And the part where the priests chopped off her friend's head...
 Oh, and that part where they were gunna kill her if she didnít have sex with Gru.  That wasn't a high point either.
 Actually, all in all, the trip sucked.
 Cordy sighed and buried her head in her pillows and pulled the covers up over her head.
 Honestly, despite all the bad parts, she was gunna miss that world.  She had always thought of herself as above everyone else.  Had always thought of her self as a queen.  And for a couple of days, she really was one.  She was the Princess to an entire world!
 But she was back now.  Back to her old life and old job.  And never again would she be *any*body's princess.  And never again would she hear Gru call her *His* princess.
 Cordelia Chase sighed again, and let the exhaustion slowly pull her into a deep sleep.  But before she could drift off, she heard a gentle voice in her ear...
 "You were always my princess.  Always."
 Strangely, it didnít sound anything like Gru's voice.
 And then she was asleep.