Dear Torra, i was checking out the website (at and i noticed the
lyrics to the song by Everlast (Put your lights on) are not quite correct... the part at the end you have
him singing:

There's an angel with a
hand on my head
She says I've got
nothing to fear
She says, whooo-ahha hey
la la, you shine like stars

but actually he sings:

There's an angel with a
hand on my head
She says I've got
nothing to fear
she says: la ilaha il Allah

(those are the lyrics at, too)

and these are not jsut non-words, they mean something.
Everlast is a convert to Islam (so am i) and those words, La ilaha il Allah mean "there is god but God"
or "none deserves worship other than God" in Arabic. it is the first part of a muslim's profession of faith
(The second part goes: Wa muhammadur Rasullullah which means "and Muhammad is His
 any muslim can recognise those words instantly as we say it every time we pray.

but the words are not specifically Muslim... Islam considers Christians and Jews, being monotheistic
and also following the great Prophets like Moses and Abraham etc as being more or less on the right
track, too.. so that first part of the shahada (declaration of faith( applies to christians and jews, too.

 the meaning of the song is actually about religion, or rather belief in God.
 sinners, killers and lovers (premarital sex is a sin) are told to PUT their lights on  (light = adherence
and faith in God) because their lights are off...whereas children are advised to LEAVE their lights on.
(muslims consider children to be born muslim... not necessarily followers of Muhammad.. muslim is
actually just a word that means submitter [to God] in Arabic... it is thought that babies and children
already love God from birth but later learn to ignore that..) so they are told to leave their lights on.

the monsters are evil and temptation (whispering in his ear) and the angel protects him (hand on his
head) and reassures him that none is above God and that things will be alright...

before you think i am somem religous nut trying to convert you to Islam HAhahahahaha rest assured, i
just wanted to point out the real lyrics and explain the actual meaning of the song.

 he only uses the first part of the shahada (there is no god but God) because adding the second part
would make it mean only Muslims (who follow Muhammad) but just the first part applies to
non-muslims, too.

 hope this helps.