Hey, we all know that Doyle's not dead. So what really happened to him?

"Personally, I think he's in another dimension. We know that they exist since Jhiera's from an alternate dimension, right? So maybe the Scourge's beacon, instead of incinerating Doyle, pulled him into another dimension."


"In the land of TV dead doesn't necessarily mean gone, right everyone? Guess who's Angel and Cordelia's new suave Guardian Angel, sent to help them out....."


"Our poor darlin' was sucked slowly (and painfully, I'm afraid) into another dimension, where he awaits rescue (we hope that his skin has been reunited with the rest of him)."

~The Crone of Elderfen

"He's SO not dead! We never saw a body, and in Joss's world when there's no body... they ain't dead! Angel and Buffy both came back... Why not Doyle? My theory is that he was teleported away somewhere (or something) and will one day walk back into the Angel Investigations office and, in the beautiful Irish brogue we love so much, say, "Hey 'Delia, did ye miss me?" Then he and Cordy will live happily ever after and they can use Wesley as a dart board! >;-}"


"I think he is currently in another dimension trying to find a way to return to our world. And we WILL find one."

~Gabby Spike

"He's just taking a long, well deserved, vacation in Tajiti..."

~Princess CC

"I'm sticking to that whole other dimension thingie. But in the dimension he's in, he's happy with Cordelia. They live in a big masion in New York, and visit Angel frequently in L.A. since they have a house there too. Doyle doesn't get visions anymore and Cordelia gets 30 mil for every movie she does. At first he was confused, but now he just goes with the flow. I wonder what happened to his other self though..."


"I think the Powers made a big mistake. I think they will soon realize that Doyle was ment to live on and be with Cordy. And when they bring him back, they will take Wesley to replace Doyle in the afterlife."


"Im going with everyone else. I think he's in another dimension. He has to be."


"Well, as Selynne and I have always said "If you don't see a body, it dosn't count", so I *know* he's not Dead dead...just Mostly-Dead, which really meens he's still a little alive! So for now, I'll just sit back, watch, and see which direction my fanfic plots take me."


"Some wacked out fan used there remote to zap him out of the tv to keep for their very own."


"Obviously the device was a tran-dimension portal that sent Doyle somewhere else. He is searching for a way back as we speak. (This is not a theory, It is true as I AM She Who Sees The Future And Thus Knows Doyle Is Not Really Dead.)"

~Diana Michelle

"Milliseconds after Doyle unplugged the anti-human bomb, he was beamed aboard the USS Voyager, who was in town visiting Raine in California. They didn't realize that they had beamed aboard a "human" from Earth until after they were back in the Delta Quadrant in their own time, and when they came back to return him, they didn't quite make the jump correctly, which is why he isn't back yet."

~Ianna Kierr

"You so do not want me to go into this, because well ::drops voice down into a whisper:: you never know who might be listening. But I believe that this was all just a test by the evil PTB to see how much Doyle really was willing to atone for his *supposed* crimes and that he never really died. The Little Irishman was transported to a little island south of Tahiti for a little reward time. Mango Milkshake anyone?"


"i hope that maybe it just shot him into the future or to another place ((meaning demetion)) and hes trying to get back now."


"I think that between the overwhelming metaphysical energy and electrical power coming off of the Christmas Tree Ornament of Death together opened a time/space portal, and now Doyle is in the Bahamas, and going to return to us as soon as he has the money!"


"Doyle is trapped in an alternate universe."


"Alternate dimension full of food. Wait, that's *my* alternate reality... I'm guessing an alt. reality of an Irish pub, where he wins every poker hand (sorry - too much Sopranos)."


"He will return!"


"I think that Doyle is in pub somewhere back in Ireland, plannig his return over a cold one,getting a little buzzed and telling all of the pub-dwellers of the beautiful princess he's going back for... The reason why he hasn't come back yet is because he doesn't
drink & drive and he's kinda busy doing the drinking thing for now..."


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