De Banks of DeNial

Cobra Girl has decided to let this page go, and she agreed to let me take it over.  My name is Torra, and I hope you all like my renovations.  This will always be C.B.'s home...I'm just keeping house.

If you have any questions or comments (I need suggestions on what to add!!!), feel free to E-mail me at or ICQ me at 76594606.  My door is always open.

Last updated: 9/21/'03

Well, I've put it off for as long as I could.  But the time has come to make it truly official.

In the Seven months that my plea for responses has been out, only four people have responded.  One asked to keep the site up by not update, one to make it a GQ/Doyle Manorial Site, and two asking me to keep updating as if nothing had changed.

If more people had shown an interest, any interest at all, I would have been happy to do the last two, but as it seems almost no one even remembers this site, I shall do the first.

DBoDN will not be closed, your links will not got 404, and what is up here now, will remain up here for as long as will allow it.  But by the same token, nothing new will be added.  No new fics or theories or links or songs.

I'm sorry guys.  I'd like to thank the four people who *did* respond (and a huge thanks to Lore, who still holds the spirit of Glenn's Message strong in her), and to thank Ellen, who for a short time, gave me a renewed hope in the Doyle Fandom.  Thank you to everyone who stuck by me when I took over this site, and thank you to CobraGirl who first put it up for us to fall in love with.

If there is anyone out there who feels they have the drive and the will and the love of Doyle needed to take over this site, I will consider handing over the reigns once again, but as this site was not originally my creation, I can only give it over to someone I think CB would approve of.  I am willing to look, if someone is willing to offer, though.  I do hate to see this site die, I've loved it very much.  But I know my own limitations.

So, once again, thank you everyone.  I'll never for a moment forget the wonderful people I met though this site, especially my dear Babygirl, and I'll never forget what Doyle has met to us all.

Thank you, Glenn.

And thank you all.


Last updated: 2/19/'03

Okay, guys, I've got a big decision before me, and I need your help to make it.  As everyone knows by now, Glenn Quinn passed away suddenly on December 3rd, 2002.  Right before that happened, I was planning a massive update and overhaul of this site...but after the news had time to set in, I felt kinda weird about doing so.

We all miss Glenn, and now that a few months have passed, and it's finally settling into people that Doyle is really gone for good too, I'm wondering if this site is now obsolete.

I've had a blast with this site, I've made some great friends with it...hell, I even met my "Wife" through it!  I don't really want to shut it down...but the truth is, I don't even know if anyone even remembers this place is here!

So here is my question, you honestly want me to keep DBoDN up and running?  Or do you think it's time we let it go?  I'm leaving this up to you guys.

Please contact me with your answers at these following locations as soon as you see this:
E-mail me at
aIM me at Coolga12
yIM me at torra_k
ICQ me at 76594606

PS: Just one last thing...I've recently become involved with the Remembering Glenn Quinn tribute site, run by the wonderful Ellen, and you can now see a number of my images and tributes to both Glenn and Doyle there, including a series of banners I've made for her.

PSS: Sorry I forgot to spell check this update for so long.  My bad.


On some of the pages, you may find different E-mails on how to contact me.  The ONLYOne that will work is!  As the top of the page says, I took this page over from CobraGirl, and so I still haven't taken her E-mail off some of the more obscure pages.  And when I took over, I was using an account on, but then BuffyMail went down unexpectedly, so now I have to go though and change all of those links too.  So if you want to contact me, Please Please Please do it at or I wont even receive it.  I'm working on fixing everything, so please bear with me while I do so. Thank ye kindly.

Unfortunaly we are no longer able to provide DeNial E-mail Accounts.
We are sorry about that, but it just isnt working out anymore.

Some of you have asked about the hieroglyphs I use on the new pages.  I've been asked if they are real.
Yes, they are.  I get all of my text from, and they all say what the words benith them say.  I look up each phrase before I make the banner.  So when it says "De Banks of DeNial" below, that's what the hieroglyphs above say as well.


Ah, the land of denial.

 It's a place that many a person has come to inhabit since that fateful November night when Allen Francis Doyle, one of the most beloved characters on the TV series "Angel," sacrificed himself to save the lives of his friends in the heartbreaking episode 'Hero.' Sure, he died heroically, but that didn't make it any less painful. Add that on top of the fact that he was an original character that was only around for nine episodes, not to mention that he was replaced with one of the least popular characters in Buffyverse, and...well, you get the idea. And so hordes of fans moved beside that famous Egyptian river, where they plotted conspiracy theories and sipped cocktails and reaffirmed the fact that yes, Doyle was still alive out there somewhere.

 Now you can claim your own campsite and really move in beside the Banks of DeNial. Put your campsite number in your signature and tell the world that you're a proud denialist who's having a ball in the world where all of our favorite characters are alive and well.

 Screw what the producers say. We know that he's alive, and we're not afraid to show it; Because if you don't see a body, it doesn't count!


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